Double Album

by M i r r o r b i r d s



This here is the first half of my upcoming 24-song double album. Why so many songs? Because bad times equals many songs (and 2015 was a bummer!) So I surrounded myself with a couple of nice people who also happen to be really good musicians and wrote and recorded and wrote and recorded and wrote and recorded and am still doing so...


If you like what you hear and you would like to own these songs, then you'll have to wait until the release of the double CD coming in early 2017. It will also contain the 12-song second half of the album, which is exclusive to the CD buyers and won't find it's way to Bandcamp or any other internet platform. In the meantime you can listen to the songs on this site as often as you want to. Just keep checking for new updates on the CD release.


released October 18, 2016

All Songs written by M.A.
and then performed and recorded by M.A. & the MB’s

Mutlu Bektas: drums
Elke Ziegler: bass
Johannes Hennersperger: keys
Christine Pollinger: clarinet
Karin Holzapfel & Susi Adler: vocals
M.A.: guitars, vocals, percussion, vibraphonette



all rights reserved


M i r r o r b i r d s Regensburg, Germany

Home recording Psychadelic Lo-fi Songwriting stuff by M.A. of Brushes Held Like Hammers & Tango Moon Tigers

Three full-lenghts available:

"The note of a black hole is a b" (2012/ALBUM)

"Lake Caterwaul" (2012/COMPILATION)

"Mirrorbirds" (2014/ALBUM)
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Track Name: Clean tables
I've been almost overlooking you
wearing this mask
I've already been told about it
but not from you
which is absolutely nothing new
it is sad but also true
I try to keep the table clean
and lay down my weapons unseen
so we both secretly agree
on exchanging triviality

it only took 2 months
to make you come undone
you stand in bright sunlight
you even crack a smile
for a very little while

I don't know how to feel
I don't know how to deal with it
it is like it has always been
but the feelings are differing
an enigma to your whole self
and everybody else
maybe it's our final chance
to break our lines of defense

we only got some months
to make up for what hasn't been done
you stand in a bright light
you even crack a smile
for a very little while
Track Name: Kid in the cockpit

the suspension rattles
and the exhaust drags
the border to nowhere's close
but the timeline lags
the fuel may last
but the map it seems so wrong
a full moon blasts
and all the stars are gone
I left the road for a waterhole
with a perfect surface
although the night is not old
it seems to be the right place
to accept the loss of the race
to feel the void of existance
beating down on you
and hear the cry of dead silence
on top of it, too
ain't making a green out of the blue

Yeah, I know I need to move on
but it feels so good to deny
why should I click to another clock tick
without losing some time

that room looked like a blown up laboratory
tuning guitars was playing lottery
stars on the ceiling, trash around you
change the side of the tape, don't you hear it's through!
tonight I want to be that nihilistic teenage fuck
let's be most optimistic while running out of luck
I need a kid in the cockpit
taking controls
I hear the kid in the cockpit
playing some soul

I know I need to move on
but it feels so good to deny
why should I click to another clock tick
without losing some time
without having a try
Track Name: Snapped
I came to you
from the lake
I saw you didn't fake
the intimacy
of these words
was yet unheard

it's hard to know
what to do
how should I react to you
when all the things
that you say
sound everything
but not okay

I guess you've snapped
all ties are lose
a selfbuilt trap
has snapped on you

your eyes have outgrown
they went to see everything
they only look for things that they shouldn't see

you're turning into a mole and you're getting blind
you dig in the dark just to leave it all behind
until you find what you came to find

please come back
find your way back
Track Name: Modesty
modesty I'm through with you
I'll flamboyantly take you for dance
I'll sit you in a soft top and dress you with a wig
it's time for something big
why don't we drive you off a cliff
and smoke another spliff
and take your insurance to live

remember little things should do
even if doing them feels odd
thanks for the apple but I don't believe in your fruit, god
since you got rid of the rubble
I don't want to poke your bubble
you know everybody has a way to deal with trouble

these are odd times
everybody dies
or at least found ways to try
or tries to live too hard
for his or her own good
or builds a wall around their neck of the woods
Track Name: Roof
stranded in our thirties
do we ever make a move?
can't we skip a little beat yeah
to catch another groove?
now Rock seems like a canyon
narrow and streamlined
and Jazz is like an ocean
just weird grid waves undefined

the world get's smaller every day
since I have put a roof upon the hay

the air is getting thinner
when listening to lungs
when it's time for dinner
my song's already sung
mistaking ends for changes
no point of relevance
misestimating ranges
and loosing the balance

the world get's smaller every day
since I have put a roof upon my hay
Track Name: Prune
mothers, have you heard the news
the king has fallen ill
he's shrunk now like a prune
and everybody turned against his will
the times are going to change now
the birds are finally free
from the throneroom to the courtyard
until a new king makes us flee

how could I think it would feel good
to watch somebody get what he should
had gotten long ago
when we all had our heads bowed so low

we have to leave the castle
and drain the well
it was poisoned since the
beginning of the swell
in a your big badmouth
we'll wash our hands
and the golden heart we've found
after we have claimed amends
Track Name: If there's a god, you're not
you're as straight as a desert road
mile for mile without anything to load
I'm the distant mountain in this land
every way around me leads to a dead end

sure, if there's no you, there is no god
but if there's a god....then sorry, you are not!
just a work in progress he forgot
and I'm a stain in his mighty magnifiying pot

if we wanted to bury the hatchet
we would fight over the shovel
and if we'd buried it, too
we would mark it with a cross in our map

I don't wanna be stupid
at least not as stupid as you
just as dumb as me
we don't have to agree
as we long for the same fruit in the tree
we don't need no apologies
we like to see each other on his knees
and keep symbiotic apathy
Track Name: Devil's gloves
the devil surely claims birth right
he was here before you and sometimes he likes wearing white
civilization came in cycles, the devil rode them all
down the hangman's rope and to the mayor's ball

the devil gathers through our hands
he makes 'em reach and run through the sands
he takes just what he needs
and we'll be left with the fruit of his deeds

he's not hiding in the detail, nor he's for all to see
he's not the one on the chilly sauce or theee rock cd
he don't wants to be worshipped, or wants to be your enemy
he's just there for balance issues and belongs to thee

the devil gathers through your hands
he makes 'em reach and run through the sands
he reaps just what he seeds
and you'll be left with the truth about your needs

people, don't take yourself so seriously
when you point your finger don't put it on me
i've never questioned your moralities
it's the devil who's always doubting your honesty
your radar's always on full sensitivity
always scanning where the next misstep may be
your radar's always on full sensitivity
until someday he will claim his royalties

the devil gathers through our hands
he makes 'em reach and run through the sands
he takes just what he seeds
and i'll be left with the truth about your needs
Track Name: XMASPHD
getting an appointment
at a PHD at christmas time
is like meeting Santa himself
I could root around in your memories
I could turn you inside out
and squeeze you like a lemon on a trout

but if it's only about being there
then I'll be your christmas tree
I will decorate myself with an empty smile
and colorful memories
Track Name: Empty house
this is the place
where all the wishes go
that are unfulfilled

this is the place
where all the missed opportunities
pile up like car wrecks

I had a wish
for you
that hasn't come true
it flowered in the dirt
got flooded with our words
and dried out in our memories

I return to your empty house
everybody's left for good
but all your stuff's still there
ready to be used
no bark, no noise, no cough
nothing cuts the silence in half
I wipe the dust of the remote control
I have not the most remote control anymore
those pictures bring back memories
the seaside, with close enemies

I'm moving new/old air
unbox it everywhere
Track Name: Not even the same book
leaves are losing trees again
and water's on the run
frozen in the air again
another ice age has begun
lately we aren't on the same page
not even the same book
but we gather the same shelf's dust
and share the pain of being

where did we fail my friend
which was the wrong turn
that took us to dead end
and made the bridges burn
the shepherds turned to sheep
and hair grew everywhere
the valley became too deep
and the fog never rose up
in the air

once the tale begun to cut it's tail
the tail begun to tail a tale again